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The Killers' All These Things That I've Done

The next video for Anton is:

All These Things That I've Done, by
The Killers

A recent video directed by Anton, the story is told in a nonlinear fashion and features the band members as cowboys. The video mainly centers on the four band members, and their quarrels with a rival group, called "The Killersluts", who they seem to have a connected with (specifically, the lead of The Killers and the lead of The Killersluts). What results is a battle between the two groups. In the end, the lead singer is hit by the lead Killersluts' boomerang. However, a lightbulbed sign with The Killers name turns on, perhaps symbolizing a victory for their side (or a way of remberence). The video is a great introduction of Corbijn to later audiences.

To view the video:
Video on Yahoo! Music

For more information on the video:
Wikipedia: All These Things That I've Done

For more information on The Killers:
Official Site

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