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Joseph Arthur's In The Sun

Well, I'm back on. I'm terrible sorry, once again, for all of my delays. My computer has been very bugged out. Today I'll post the three videos needed to be made up for Anton's week!

The first video is:

In The Sun, by Joseph Arthur

A very touching song, this video features Joseph Arthue travelling from the shore to the city, as he absorbs himself in reading only his book. As he walks, wings grow on his back, getting bigger with each scene. He wanders until he reaches the city, where he skims the city, without looking away, or being disturbed. Finally, he falls into a sewer, where a woman is standing there with wings, watching him play. The video is very emotional, and has stunning imagery.

To view the video:
Video on Real World Records, thanks to slashmuse

For more information on the video:
Music Video Database: In The Sun

For more information on Joseph Arthur:
Official Site

Be sure to comment and rate the video!:)
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