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Aphex Twin's Come To Daddy

The final Chris video this week is:

Come to Daddy, by Aphex Twin

The video came from nowhere and out came Chris Cunningham's style and visions. The video begins with an old woman walking her dog, which then barks at a TV on the ground until, memorably, a demonic face appears on the screen chanting the lyrics of the song (I want your soul). Suddenly, children everywhere spill out into the vacant lot, all with Aphex Twin's face, to terrorize and destroy. Finally, the face is able to make itself physical, coming out of the TV with the iconic scene where it then screams at the old woman until her hair falls off. The demon then unites with it's children.

To view the video:
Video on sputnik7

For more information on the video:
Director File: Come to Daddy

For more information on Aphex Twin:
An Aphex Twin Fansite

Be sure to comment and rate the final Cunningham video!:D

That's it for our week honoring Chris Cunningham! Chris, while he has yet to direct a feature film, has continued to make short films which carry on his unique style and vision, including his recent collaboration with Aphex Twin, Rubber Johnny. He was set to adapt a film to Necromancer, but the project is now dead, due to Chris' wishes to no longer make anything that is an adaptation, rather than an original piece. We look forward to what his original works bring!
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Deleted comment

I love this one so much. When I first got the Cunningham DVD, I remember popping in the DVD, and when the DVD screen comes up, and that guy screams I was just terrified! I wouldn't watch it until I watched it with my friend. It ended up not being so bad (actually, little kids with Richard D James' face is really funny). So, all is good. I agree with you on it being some of his best stuff, too. :) Good CD

As for the video itself, overall I think it's so unique. It's a horror video - how many of these do we actually find, let alone a good one? There's nothing like it in the world.

I remember seeing this video several times. It was always like the severed head on the side of the road - I couldn't look away!

This video SO well matched the song in my view.
I embraced the fact that it disturbed me so much.

Does anyone else fully grasp the concept of "walk in?" That is the overall concept I get from this song and video.
And 9/10 because it created such a reaction in me.
just what I like :)