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Portishead's Only You

Our next video this week is!:

Only You, by Portishead

This video by Cunningham features a stunning technique, in which the people in the video move as if they're floating in water. The lead singer stands there with a sense of grief, her hair flowing everywhere, as a young boy, in midair, floats around, doing backflips and dives, his shoelaces almost in a dance. There is a sense of mystery for what is going on, as Cunningham zooms in on a man looming in a building above, eyeing the boy. The video is not only gorgeous, but shows a side of Cunningham's ability to build the mood of the video with the song.

To view the video:
Video on iFilm

For more information on the video:
Director File: Only You

For more information on Portishead:
Official Site

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