elvellon (fuuh) wrote in directors_label,

Aphex Twin's Windowlicker

Our first video this week is:

Windowlicker, by Aphex Twin

This infamous video by Chris Cunningham features the story of two young mans, trying to hit on two young girls. In the midst of their actions, a long limousine pulls up, with Aphex Twin (Richard D. James) inside. When he hops out and does a stylish dance, the girls immediately turn into luxurious women, with the faces of Aphex Twin. The two men find that all of Aphex Twin's "hoochies" all look like him, and even some odd looking ones exist amoung the bunch. A very odd video, that either scared many people, or mesmerized them with it's complete surprises.

To view the video:
Video iFilm (Director's Cut)

For more information on the video:
Director-File: Windowlicker

For more information on Aphex Twin:
An Aphex Twin Fansite

Be sure to comment and rate the first video!:)
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