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Alanis Morissette's Ironic

Our second video for Sednaoui this week is:

Ironic, by Alanis Morissette

This video for Alanis' song Ironic is recognized everywhere. The famous video features Alanis driving a car, singing her song, until, when the chorus begins, another passenger (which is Alanis in different clothing), begins to sing. As the song progresses, we are introduced to two other passengers who are all Alanis, but different in personality and, of course, clothes. At the end of the video, Alanis' car breaks down, and when she gets out to inspect the car, the other three passengers are not seen. The video proved to not only be a big hit for Alanis, but for Sednaoui as well, continuing to portray artist in immortal videos.

To view the video:
Video on Clipland

For more information on the video:
Wikipedia: Ironic

For more information on Alanis Morissette:
Official Site

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