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Björk's All is Full of Love

The video for today is:

All is Full of Love, by Björk

The astounding video by Chris Cunningham, which won him multiple awards and a lot of recognition. As if in a white dream, a robot which looks very similar to Björk, is being worked on, with a look of sadness on her face. It isn't until she meets another, identical robot, that sings with her, that things become clearer. The robots begin to kiss passionately, to the song's climax, as the machines continue to work on them. The fluidity of the video, along with the perfect song, made one of the greatest music videos ever. It not only is what most seem to think of with Björk (besides other silly things), but as Cunningham's opus, as well.

To view the video:
Video iFilm

For more information on the video:
Director File: All is Full of Love

For more information on Björk:
Official Site

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