elvellon (fuuh) wrote in directors_label,

Chris Cunningham

Well our Corbijn week has concluded. :) Our next featured director is:

The director from the U.K. who has proven himself to be an enigma in the realm of music videos. His videos, which range from an ambient, gothic style to a moment in time where strange, scary things appear, are wildly popular. These videos are known mostly for their technical achievements. However, his videos still hold in them the emotions anyone can connect to, as he advances the technology needed to tell these stories.

The Work of Chris Cunningham DVD includes eight of Cunningham's most well known and award winning videos (many are missing, for unknown reasons). There are some of his short films, such as Flex, and a making of for his opus, All Is Full of Love. Also included is Cunningham's commercials, which even for short clips, are bizzare. As always, there is a 52 page booklet featuring sketches and information behind Cunningham's work.

We'll spend the next week honoring Chris Cunningham's work! :)
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