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Depeche Mode's Enjoy The Silence

The final Anton Corbijn video is:

Enjoy The Silence, by Depeche Mode

This is one of many Depeche Mode videos by Anton Corbijn, who helped to make up the image of the band in the 80s. This video, which is one of their better known ones, features a man dressed like a king. He travels the earth and many of it's landscapes with a foldup chair, sitting where he wants, perhaps "enjoying the silence." Anton has made many videos for Depeche Mode, and this one stands as one of his best for the great band.

To view the video:
Video on Clipland

For more information on the video:
Wikipedia: Enjoy The Silence

For more information on The Killers:
Official Site

That's it for Anton's week! For those that were unable to comment, or did not have the DVD, you should try checking out Anton's stuff one day. Although he has not moved on to films like many of the other directors, he continues to make gorgeous videos and photographs! Be sure to check for his new stuff, such as a new Depeche Mode video and, perhaps, a film documenting Ian Curtis, Contact. Tomorrow we will honor a director with a new week of videos!:)
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